I am java software engineer. I have been writing code for platforms like desktop (AWT/swing), backend (spring, guice), set-top boxes (MHP), android, frontend (GWT, Wicket) and raspberry pi.
professional experience
Voltiso - I developed restful backend for medical diagnostics app. It runs on AWS (ECS, DynamoDB, SES), uses SparkJava web server and RestAssured for testing.
Aleph Engineering - I mentored newcomers in newly created software house in Havana/Cuba. My task was to promote good coding practices.
Crazy Call - We developed web application for call center. It was hosted in AWS as a restful backend with auxiliary services using S3 and SQS. We used selenium and MockMvc for testing and jooq for sql queries.
Social Mind - I prototyped Booke, an android app using epublib to interact with ebook content.
Solsoft - I developed android client for existing restful backend using roboguice.
Rabbit Software - I wrote web applications for Municipal Office in Wrocław. We used spring and jpa/hibernate for backend, wicket for frontend and selenium for testing.
Sprezentuj - We built web application for sharing wish lists. I was responsible for designing jpa/hibernate backend and client-server protocol using gwt-rpc.
Osmosys Technologies - We developed applications for set-top boxes running on mhp middleware.
Siemens Wrocław - I wrote gui tests for swing application to improve test coverage measured by emma. I implemented distibution of tests to multiple machines and created tool for generating test documentation using doclet.
hobby projects
stork - untyped functional programming language.
automated microscope - 3D printed and running on raspberry pi.
testory - java mocking library using cglib.
quackery - library which allows to write parametrized tests once and reuse them in different contexts.
logbuddy - aspect-oriented logging library using byte-buddy for bytecode generation.
deguicifier - tool that converts guice modules into plain old java factories.
Finalist of National Math Olympics: 2002, 2003.
7 times awarded in Kangaroo Math contest: 1997 - 2003.
participant of algorithmic contests: 2015, 2018, 2020